Our Clients

Addiction is not discriminative. We often think of drug use and despair as traits of those that have been forgotten by the world, but it is just as prevalent in the working class and professional types. We offer a facility that has the privacy, professionalism, and discretion one might desire for the sake of themselves, their family, and their business. This is not your stereotypical “rehab”.

Work shouldn’t get in the way of our health, so we offer a business center for those who can work remotely. This helps our clients to keep in touch with the things that support them and their family financially, which alleviates stresses so that they can focus on their recovery. With all the amenities, we are an oasis of recovery and healing. We will host clients that have the desire to change their mind, body, and spirit in an environment that doesn’t feel so far from home.

Our Philosophy

Eden Shores is a Christ-centered residential home that focuses on those who want to rid themselves of life controlling issues that have robbed their lives of the peace, love, and joy that Christ was sent to Earth to offer them. (John 3:16)

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, residents get to soak in the Lord’s presence through nature and the physical beauty of the world that surrounds them. Our clients work together to prepare  three meals a day to sustain the body and mind while we dive into a Christian-based curriculum which centers around love, acceptance, and forgiveness. (Ephesians 4:32).

Along with the Christ-centered 12-step teachings, tailormade curriculum and activities, our facility offers amenities and support staff. Often, in our addictions, we lose sight of our God-given potential. (James 1:17)

We want to help people remember the passion they once had and use it to guide them while they are healed mentally, physically, and spiritually (mind, body & spirit). Our goal is to bring down the lies of the world and rebuild our clients with the Truth of God’s Word. We aim to bring them to a sense of whole being and fulfillment, which will enable them to come home with a new attitude on life.

The success of our guests will be a tangible example of God’s Glory. (Romans 8:28)

President of Eden Shores, Pastor Robert Flores, along with his wife, Vice-President, Lisa, overcame their past addictions by the grace of God. They have made it their life’s purpose to serve God and show others how they, too, can be set free from past hurts, habits, and hang-ups and walk in victory! (Revelations 12:11)

Together, with their team, Pastor Robert and Lisa want to share the good news. God’s agape love will heal those who are lost to no longer carry the weight of what was, but only look forward to what is and will be, which is their God-given destinies! (Psalm 57:2)

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